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Duke3D: Fix RADLOGO not having the sounds of cineov3

Dino Bollinger requested to merge dibollinger/eduke32:dukedc_cutscene_fix into master

It turns out that RADLOGO originally had the sounds of cineov3 in DOS Duke 3D.

You can confirm this by watching the following video:

Notice that the wind noise is present both at the start of CINEOV3 and RADLOGO.

In commit 9063d59b the following code was removed:

        else if (t < 4) endanimsounds(i);

where t stands for the animation type. Notice that CINEOV3 has t==2 and RADLOGO has t==3, hence both would call endanimsounds(i). Since both take place in volume 2, both cutscenes would play the same sound sequence -- only that those of RADLOGO would be overridden by the duke lines that play there normally (the R&R ones).

Now all of this wouldn't be a big issue, but it turns out that DukeDC relied on this being the case for the ending sound effects to play. Perhaps other mods also made use of this bug.

This is the cause for issue #12 (closed)

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