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Duke3D: Fix playback volumes of "Duke-Tag!" announcement sounds

NY00123 requested to merge duketag_sound_fix into master

The modified code has an unconditional call to S_PlaySound from S_PlaySound3D with no check of the flag SF_GLOBAL. This is also done with a higher priority than Duke Talk sounds now, which should similarly match DOS v1.5.

I'm not entirely sure this is the correct approach, and also don't know how often is the SF_DTAG flag used in mods made for EDuke32, but these edits (short of the priority change) fixed the problem in E4L10 under fake multiplayer mode.

For reference, I'll list a subset of past commits changing the code in question:

  • 95466d90: Looks like refactoring to me.

  • 1571e674 (r7914): This commit combined the SF_GLOBAL and SF_DTAG flags to get Duke3D explosion sound behavior, among other possible edits. I reverted just the change to S_PlaySound3D in this MR.

  • da9168b6 (r6877) had some cleanup, including the increase of SF_TALK's priority over SF_DTAG's in the tests. I reverted this priority change.

  • There were other changes done in earlier commits, like 70851570 (r1667).

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