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Draft: bugfix/issue-136-mask-drawing-order-part1

Partially addresses issue #136 after some preparation.

  • Concerning commit helixhorned/eduke32@d92e53f9:
    • I want to expose my new email address only to members registered with this GitLab instance, but so far haven't found a way how.
  • I use Clang++ of LLVM 15 from DEB on Ubuntu 22.04; some modifications to Common.mak are needed (not committed):
    • LLD remains at 0
    • # see if we can use -Og -> commented out
    • COMMONFLAGS += -stdlib=libc++
  • The MR starts off by addressing warnings from Clang's Undefined Behavior Sanitizer
  • Next and whenever needed, some refactoring, e.g. in preparation of addressing the issue in question
  • Drop NEW_MAP_FORMAT (commits helixhorned/eduke32@767482d3 and helixhorned/eduke32@65ba50fe)
  • Fix "search for named tile" [S] in the tile selection view (commit helixhorned/eduke32@361b0d9d)
  • The main part: more precise rendering of certain cases of maskwall/sprite intersections.

I wanted to show the difference before/after here, but this is what I get when I drag-and-drop a screenshot .png from my file manager: (...)





For your information:

source/sw/src/console.cpp:1154:5: warning: suspicious concatenation of string literals in an array initialization;
did you mean to separate the elements with a comma? [-Wstring-concatenation]

(The preceding line reads


-- resulting a concatenation "WPN_NAPALMWPN_RING".)

Edited by Philipp Kutin

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