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Duke3D: Add a confirmation dialog that notifies the user that a keyboard key is already bound

Dino Bollinger requested to merge dibollinger/eduke32:keybind_confirm into master

This is currently restricted to the keyboard binds menu. How it looks ingame:


The dialog provides three options:

  • Y -> Assign key and clear existing keybinds for that key
  • N -> Assign key, do not clear existing keybinds for that key
  • Escape -> Cancel, do not assign key

This addresses issue #164 (closed) and supersedes MR !150 (closed).

Additional changes:

  • Add a cvar cl_kbconfirm that, if set to 0, will remove the confirmation dialog and make the menu behave as before. (for people that prefer not seeing this dialog pop up)
  • Prevent assigning the same key to both columns of a single function. If done, now the second column will be erased.

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