1. 25 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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      Richard Gobeille authored
      engine: add SAMPLER_NEAREST_NEAREST_CLAMP and SAMPLER_NEAREST_NEAREST_WRAP, samplers which use GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST for the minification filter
      It looks like mipmapping actually works with the indexed color texture shader in Polymost as-is, but it doesn't work with Polymer art mapping so we're disabling it there.
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      Duke3D: Add actor struct members `htfloorzoffset` and `htwaterzoffset` · b3a831c6
      Dino Bollinger authored
      Values range from -128 to 127. The former defines the distance of the
      actor from all floors, the latter applies additively to the hardcoded
      offset applied when on lotag 1 sectors. Positive values lift the actor
      off the ground, negative values move the actor into the floor.
      The default values for both struct members is 0. To achieve a net zero
      displacement, htfloorzoffset needs to be set to -1, and htwaterzoffset
      must be set to 24. Also note that internally, the offset is multiplied
      by 256 to receive the actual z coordinates (like `iffloordistl`).
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