Commit f5b6270f authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille

engine: combine rotatepoint() output into single write

parent f89ca040
......@@ -12349,8 +12349,7 @@ void rotatepoint(vec2_t const pivot, vec2_t p, int16_t const daang, vec2_t * con
int const dasin = sintable[(daang+2048)&2047];
p.x -= pivot.x;
p.y -= pivot.y;
p2->x = dmulscale14(p.x, dacos, -p.y, dasin) + pivot.x;
p2->y = dmulscale14(p.y, dacos, p.x, dasin) + pivot.y;
*p2 = { dmulscale14(p.x, dacos, -p.y, dasin) + pivot.x, dmulscale14(p.y, dacos, p.x, dasin) + pivot.y };
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