Commit de0da8af authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille
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Makefile: make -frounding-math clang-only

We were only using this to make clang behave like GCC, but some versions of GCC are bugged such that enabling -frounding-math prevents them from correctly handling constexpr float values determined at compile time.
parent 0e45842e
......@@ -458,7 +458,7 @@ endif
##### Instantiate variables
COMPILERFLAGS := -funsigned-char -frounding-math
COMPILERFLAGS := -funsigned-char
CSTD := -std=gnu11
CXXSTD := -std=gnu++14
......@@ -687,6 +687,10 @@ ifneq (0,$(KRANDDEBUG))
COMMONFLAGS += -fno-inline -fno-inline-functions -fno-inline-functions-called-once
ifneq (0,$(CLANG))
COMMONFLAGS += -frounding-math
COMMONFLAGS += -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-threadsafe-statics $(F_JUMP_TABLES) $(F_NO_STACK_PROTECTOR)
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