Commit cd88671f authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille
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audiolib: remove unused duplicate function that crept in during dev work on the WinMM MIDI driver

parent defbbfb6
......@@ -564,20 +564,6 @@ int WinMMDrv_MIDI_PrintBufferInfo(osdcmdptr_t UNUSED(parm))
return OSDCMD_OK;
void WinMMDrv_MIDI_BufferInfo(void)
auto numDevices = (int)midiOutGetNumDevs();
for (int i = -1; i < numDevices; i++)
if (!midiOutGetDevCaps(i, &midicaps, sizeof(MIDIOUTCAPS)))
MV_Printf("%d: %s ", i, midicaps.szPname);
int WinMMDrv_MIDI_GetNumDevices(void) { return midiOutGetNumDevs(); }
int WinMMDrv_MIDI_Init(midifuncs * funcs)
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