Commit bd3ff5b5 authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille
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audiolib: tsf.h clang warning fixes

This code is really weird. It's more than just the equivalent of offsetof().
parent f3f78857
......@@ -546,8 +546,8 @@ static void tsf_region_operator(struct tsf_region* region, tsf_u16 genOper, unio
_GEN_MAX = 59,
#define _TSFREGIONOFFSET(TYPE, FIELD) (unsigned char)(((TYPE*)&((struct tsf_region*)0)->FIELD) - (TYPE*)0)
#define _TSFREGIONENVOFFSET(TYPE, ENV, FIELD) (unsigned char)(((TYPE*)&((&(((struct tsf_region*)0)->ENV))->FIELD)) - (TYPE*)0)
#define _TSFREGIONOFFSET(TYPE, FIELD) (unsigned char)(((TYPE*)&((struct tsf_region*)0x1DEADF00L)->FIELD) - (TYPE*)0x1DEADF00L)
#define _TSFREGIONENVOFFSET(TYPE, ENV, FIELD) (unsigned char)(((TYPE*)&((&(((struct tsf_region*)0x1DEADF00L)->ENV))->FIELD)) - (TYPE*)0x1DEADF00L)
static const struct { unsigned char mode, offset; } genMetas[_GEN_MAX] =
{ GEN_UINT_ADD , _TSFREGIONOFFSET(unsigned int, offset ) }, // 0 StartAddrsOffset
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