Commit b63ad531 authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille

Duke3d: remove INTERNAL ERROR messages from Gv_GetVarIndex() and Gv_GetArrayIndex()

This is only ever used for refreshing pointers to certain special gamevars and for checking if variables in savegames exist in the currently running script--it doesn't need to print errors to the console.
parent d7db07f3
......@@ -787,10 +787,7 @@ static int Gv_GetVarIndex(const char *szGameLabel)
int const gameVar = hash_find(&h_gamevars,szGameLabel);
if (EDUKE32_PREDICT_FALSE((unsigned)gameVar >= MAXGAMEVARS))
OSD_Printf(OSD_ERROR "Gv_GetVarIndex(): INTERNAL ERROR: couldn't find gamevar %s!\n", szGameLabel);
return -1;
return gameVar;
......@@ -800,10 +797,7 @@ static int Gv_GetArrayIndex(const char *szArrayLabel)
int const arrayIdx = hash_find(&h_arrays, szArrayLabel);
if (EDUKE32_PREDICT_FALSE((unsigned)arrayIdx >= MAXGAMEARRAYS))
OSD_Printf(OSD_ERROR "Gv_GetArrayIndex(): INTERNAL ERROR: couldn't find array %s!\n", szArrayLabel);
return -1;
return arrayIdx;
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