Commit b10f9112 authored by Dino Bollinger's avatar Dino Bollinger Committed by Richard Gobeille
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Engine: Fix problems when changing renderer after having seen a mirror

If the player saw a mirror at some point while playing in Polymer,
his view would get messed up on changing renderer. This fixes that.

Fixes #49 and #50
parent 1c63be27
......@@ -13892,6 +13892,10 @@ int32_t videoSetRenderMode(int32_t renderer)
else renderer = REND_POLYMOST;
# endif
// Fixes mirror glitches that occur when changing the renderer.
// Including: mirrored player view in Polymost, black screen in Classic
inpreparemirror = 0;
basepalreset = 1;
rendmode = renderer;
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