Commit aa1a3c6d authored by NY00123's avatar NY00123 Committed by Richard Gobeille

source/duke3d/src/osdcmds.cpp:osdcmd_spawn: Remove

LUNATIC-specific code while defining the two loop vars at once.
parent 74128b23
......@@ -540,14 +540,7 @@ static int osdcmd_spawn(osdcmdptr_t parm)
int32_t i;
#ifdef LUNATIC
i = g_labelCnt;
picnum = El_GetLabelValue(parm->parms[0]);
if (picnum != INT32_MIN)
i = !i;
int32_t j;
int32_t i, j;
for (j=0; j<2; j++)
......@@ -564,7 +557,6 @@ static int osdcmd_spawn(osdcmdptr_t parm)
if (i < g_labelCnt)
if (i==g_labelCnt)
OSD_Printf("spawn: Invalid tile label given\n");
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