Commit 77f62f70 authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille
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audiolib: minivorbis.h GCC 12 warning fixes

parent bd3ff5b5
......@@ -12225,7 +12225,9 @@ Carsten Bormann
float vorbis_lpc_from_data(float *data,float *lpci,int n,int m){
double *aut=(double *)alloca(sizeof(*aut)*(m+1));
memset(aut, 0, sizeof(*aut)*(m+1));
double *lpc=(double *)alloca(sizeof(*lpc)*(m));
memset(lpc, 0, sizeof(*lpc)*(m));
double error;
double epsilon;
int i,j;
......@@ -13298,7 +13300,7 @@ void _vp_noisemask(vorbis_look_psy *p,
int i,n=p->n;
float *work=(float *)alloca(n*sizeof(*work));
memset(work, 0, n*sizeof(*work));
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