Commit 4a517bf9 authored by Dino Bollinger's avatar Dino Bollinger
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Duke3D: Fix an oversight in the keybind menu that could cause a crash

Only occurred if some of the gamefuncs were disabled.
parent e43d59d1
......@@ -3640,7 +3640,11 @@ static int32_t Menu_PreCustom2ColScreen(MenuEntry_t *entry)
if (i == M_KEYBOARDKEYS.currentEntry)
auto iterCol = (MenuCustom2Col_t*) M_KEYBOARDKEYS.entrylist[i]->entry;
MenuEntry_t* entryPtr = M_KEYBOARDKEYS.entrylist[i];
if (entryPtr == nullptr)
auto iterCol = (MenuCustom2Col_t*) entryPtr->entry;
if ((*iterCol->column[0] == sc) || (*iterCol->column[1] == sc))
alreadyAssigned = true;
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