Commit 458cfc8e authored by sirlemonhead's avatar sirlemonhead Committed by Evan Ramos
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SW: Wrap index to sintable with NORM_ANGLE() in PlayerOnLadder() to prevent overflow.

parent 6733535f
......@@ -4648,7 +4648,7 @@ PlayerOnLadder(PLAYERp pp)
&neartagsector, &neartagwall, &neartagsprite,
&neartaghitdist, 1024L+768L, NTAG_SEARCH_LO_HI, NULL);
dir = DOT_PRODUCT_2D(pp->xvect, pp->yvect, sintable[NORM_ANGLE(fix16_to_int(pp->q16ang)+512)], sintable[fix16_to_int(pp->q16ang)]);
dir = DOT_PRODUCT_2D(pp->xvect, pp->yvect, sintable[NORM_ANGLE(fix16_to_int(pp->q16ang) + 512)], sintable[NORM_ANGLE(fix16_to_int(pp->q16ang))]);
if (dir < 0)
return FALSE;
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