Commit 324edd1a authored by Richard Gobeille's avatar Richard Gobeille
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Duke3d: fix copy/paste error

parent de4492fe
......@@ -1989,7 +1989,7 @@ static void Net_ExtractNewGame(newgame_t *newgame, int32_t menuonly)
ud.player_skill = newgame->player_skill;
ud.monsters_off = newgame->monsters_off;
ud.respawn_monsters = newgame->respawn_monsters;
ud.respawn_monsters = newgame->respawn_items;
ud.respawn_items = newgame->respawn_items;
ud.respawn_inventory = newgame->respawn_inventory;
ud.ffire = newgame->ffire;
ud.noexits = newgame->noexits;
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