Commit 2db56a30 authored by Dino Bollinger's avatar Dino Bollinger

Duke3D: This should fix players being able to superjump out of water

parent bf0ff6cf
......@@ -5318,7 +5318,7 @@ void P_ProcessInput(int playerNum)
getzrange(&pPlayer->pos, pPlayer->cursectnum, &ceilZ2, &dummy, &floorZ2, &dummy, getZRangeClipDist, CLIPMASK0);
if (klabs(floorZ2-ceilZ2) > (48<<8))
if (!pPlayer->jumping_counter && klabs(floorZ2-ceilZ2) > (48<<8))
if (VM_OnEvent(EVENT_JUMP,pPlayer->i,playerNum) == 0)
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