Commit 2cbb77c6 authored by nukeykt's avatar nukeykt
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engine: fix integer overflow in wall sprite x coordinate calculations

parent 76b84216
......@@ -5590,7 +5590,7 @@ draw_as_face_sprite:
const int32_t topinc = -mulscale10(p1.y,xspan);
int32_t top = ((mulscale10(p1.x,xdimen) - mulscale9(sx1-halfxdimen,p1.y))*xspan)>>3;
int32_t top = mulscale3((mulscale10(p1.x,xdimen) - mulscale9(sx1-halfxdimen,p1.y)), xspan);
const int32_t botinc = (p2.y-p1.y)>>8;
int32_t bot = mulscale11(p1.x-p2.x,xdimen) + mulscale2(sx1-halfxdimen,botinc);
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