Commit e2ba35f2 authored by Philipp Kutin's avatar Philipp Kutin
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audiolib: in driver_adlib.cpp's macros LL_{AddToTail,Remove}(), use offsetof().

source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp:499:13: runtime error: member access within null pointer of type 'AdLibVoice'
SUMMARY: UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer: undefined-behavior source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp:499:13 in
parent f1aec344
......@@ -231,12 +231,12 @@ int AL_PostAmp = 3;
#define OFFSET(structure, offset) (*((char **)&(structure)[offset]))
#define LL_AddToTail(type, listhead, node) \
LL_AddNode((char *)(node), (char **)&((listhead)->end), (char **)&((listhead)->start), (intptr_t) & ((type *)0)->prev, \
(intptr_t) & ((type *)0)->next)
LL_AddNode((char *)(node), (char **)&((listhead)->end), (char **)&((listhead)->start), (intptr_t)offsetof(type, prev), \
(intptr_t)offsetof(type, next))
#define LL_Remove(type, listhead, node) \
LL_RemoveNode((char *)(node), (char **)&((listhead)->start), (char **)&((listhead)->end), (intptr_t) & ((type *)0)->next, \
(intptr_t) & ((type *)0)->prev)
LL_RemoveNode((char *)(node), (char **)&((listhead)->start), (char **)&((listhead)->end), (intptr_t)offsetof(type, next), \
(intptr_t)offsetof(type, prev))
static void LL_RemoveNode(char * __restrict item, char ** __restrict head, char ** __restrict tail, intptr_t next, intptr_t prev)
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