Commit 87beaad8 authored by NY00123's avatar NY00123
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SW: With the input tied to frame rate, disable aiming while the

player is dead, and also disable horizontal aiming while on a ladder.
parent 618e73a8
......@@ -5273,11 +5273,12 @@ getinput(SW_PACKET *loc, SWBOOL tied)
q16avel = fix16_floor(q16avel);
q16horz = fix16_floor(q16horz);
else if (!TEST(pp->Flags, PF_DEAD))
void DoPlayerTurn(PLAYERp pp, fix16_t *pq16ang, fix16_t q16avel);
void DoPlayerHorizon(PLAYERp pp, fix16_t *pq16horiz, fix16_t q16horz);
DoPlayerTurn(pp, &pp->camq16ang, q16avel);
if (!TEST(pp->Flags, PF_CLIMBING))
DoPlayerTurn(pp, &pp->camq16ang, q16avel);
DoPlayerHorizon(pp, &pp->camq16horiz, q16horz);
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