Commit 25bce29d authored by NY00123's avatar NY00123
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Another fix for "SW: Refinements for Q16.16 implementation", including

an amend to a change from "SW: Make all the changes compile with GCC.":
Pass q16-formatted angles to drawroomstotile.
parent 8a88061b
......@@ -861,11 +861,11 @@ JS_DrawMirrors(PLAYERp pp, int tx, int ty, int tz, fix16_t tpq16ang, fix16_t tpq
if (TEST_BOOL11(sp) && numplayers > 1)
drawroomstotile(cp->posx, cp->posy, cp->posz, fix16_to_int(cp->q16ang), fix16_to_int(cp->q16horiz), cp->cursectnum, mirror[cnt].campic);
drawroomstotile(cp->posx, cp->posy, cp->posz, cp->q16ang, cp->q16horiz, cp->cursectnum, mirror[cnt].campic);
drawroomstotile(sp->x, sp->y, sp->z, SP_TAG5(sp), camhoriz, sp->sectnum, mirror[cnt].campic);
drawroomstotile(sp->x, sp->y, sp->z, fix16_from_int(SP_TAG5(sp)), fix16_from_int(camhoriz), sp->sectnum, mirror[cnt].campic);
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