Commit 1f5a4cfa authored by NY00123's avatar NY00123
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SW (DoPlayerTurn): The 180-degrees turns should be clockwise

parent 62c2ab05
......@@ -1576,7 +1576,9 @@ DoPlayerTurn(PLAYERp pp, fix16_t *pq16ang, fix16_t q16avel)
*pq16ang = fix16_from_int(NORM_ANGLE(fix16_to_int(*pq16ang) + (labs(delta_ang) >> TURN_SHIFT)));
*pq16ang = NORM_Q16ANGLE(fix16_sadd(*pq16ang, fix16_from_float(scaleAdjustmentToInterval(labs(delta_ang) >> TURN_SHIFT))));
// Add at least 1 unit to ensure the turn direction is clockwise
*pq16ang = NORM_Q16ANGLE(fix16_sadd(*pq16ang,
fix16_max(fix16_one,fix16_from_float(scaleAdjustmentToInterval(labs(delta_ang) >> TURN_SHIFT)))));
SET(pp->Flags, PF_TURN_180);
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