PSA: There's a major bug with this release that causes the lag to get exponentially worse with every additional player over 2. This has been fixed for the next release, which should be coming soon.

NOTE: Linux support had to be dropped for now, since making builds that work across multiple distros is a nightmare at the moment.

Please report issues here. Please add "[OldMP]" to your issue title.

Known Issues:

  • Multiplayer matches can still occasionally hang when someone leaves a match. This should be infrequent, but until I can completely rewrite how disconnects are handled (Duke's way of handling this has sucked royal ass since vanilla), it'll still happen now and then.
  • You cannot select what soundfont is used when picking the SF2 music backend. Just keep one SF2 file in your folder for now.
  • StrikerDM r160 and prior will not load. This is because custom player colors have been moved to DEF.

EDuke32-OldMP Changes (Too many to list them all, but here are the highlights):

  • A complete upgrade of eduke32-oldmp to the latest build engine code and everything that entails.
  • Improved handling of player disconnects in multiplayer. Hangs should be less frequent.
  • Improved overall reliability of netcode. (Desyncs should be extremely rare at this point)
  • Improved player movement prediction.
  • Improved ping display in multiplayer.
  • Improved display of killed/killed by messages in Dukematch.
  • Added support for True Room-Over-Room. (TROR)
  • Added toggle crouch key from mainline, along with alt-fire, and alt-weapon keys.
  • Added new command line parameters. (-noffire, -allowvisibility)
  • Added y-shearing, palette emulation, and shade interpolation options to the renderer setup menu. (Polymost)
  • Added support for custom blend tables. (See: Blendtable (DEF) on EDuke32 Wiki)
  • Fixed many, many potential crashes.
  • Fixed a fuckton of netcode-related bugs.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up more than one tripmine or pipebomb in co-op or "weapons stay" mode.
  • Fixed sounds being taken over or cutting out when the actor that created them is deleted.
  • Fixed sounds not being able to stop others of the same kind when all channels are taken.
  • Fixed many different controls not saving correctly.
  • Fixed a mountain of menu-related bugs.
  • Fixed digital mouse axis support.
  • Fixed players not turning when stomping shrunk players.
  • Fixed players not turning to look at the enemy that killed them.
  • Backported support for EVENT_DISPLAYTIP, and the "abs" CON command.
  • Temporarily removed support for Discord's Rich Presence features.

NetLauncher Changes:

  • Added URL protocol support. Links formatted like netlaunch:// will automatically run NetLauncher and connect to that IP. (Must run Netlauncher.exe at least once to register the URL handler)
  • Fixed some crashes upon game launch and quitting.