UPDATE (Oct 02, 2021): Updated the included copy of NetLauncher. Adds connect/disconnect messages for clients, and sounds for connections/disconnections!

Download: netduke32_v1_rc1_netlauncher_update1.zip

NOTE: This is a release candidate, if nothing too breaking comes up, this will be the official first build. NOTE 2: For those wanting to compile on Linux, you must type make oldmp.

Changes from EDuke32-OldMP r33:


  • New player prediction system. Almost all player actions, such as firing and using inventory are properly predicted in online play now. This results in a very smooth, almost LAN-like online experience.
  • CO-OP Scoreboard, shows every player's kill count, health/armor and kill count.
  • CO-OP Intermission screens.
  • Player names now display in CO-OP spy/screenpeek mode, so you know who you're watching.
  • FOV Adjustment (using the command fov <value> in the console).
  • Auto-detection of GOG and Steam Duke3D releases & expansions.
  • Current Voidpoint Build Engine as of August 29th, 2021. (Includes features such as HUD sprite interpolation & frame pacing fixes.)


  • Fixed lag/instability issues with player counts over 2.
  • Fixed being unable to respawn in CO-OP on maps with only one player start.
  • Fixed vertical mouse-aim inexplicably being reset by frame drops.
  • Fixed border flickering in intermission screens.
  • Fixed friendly fire mode not resetting if the gametype doesn't support the option.
  • Fixed various configuration options randomly resetting to defaults.
  • Fixed crashes caused by PROJECTILE_PENETRATE projectile flag.
  • Fixed monster kills not being credited to the right player in CO-OP.
  • Fixed protozoid slimers teleporting to another player after killing their victim in CO-OP.
  • Fixed protozoid slimers being invulnerable while attempting to attach to a target.

Known Issues:

  • Only Master/Slave networking works! P2P is broken, and is planned to be phased out and ultimately removed. This is a necessary step for future C/S work.
  • Some player actions are not predicted properly, resulting in minor jitters when stomping shrunk actors, or using keycard switches under heavy lag. This can also cause missing pistol reload sounds when respawning. This will be addressed in a future release. Nothing game-breaking.
  • The "return to center" key doesn't perfectly recenter your vertical aim. This is a legacy Duke3D Atomic bug, however.