DEBUG VERSION (Use this if you're getting crashes, it will generate a log helping me figure out why):

Sorry guys, for taking so long to get this out. It doesn't have everything I wanted to put into it yet, but it should be good enough to tide people over until I get into the really good shit.


  • Brand new, rewritten DukeBot AI! - These fuckers are incredibly smart in comparison to the old ones. They can pathfind better, they remember where items are, can swim, use jetpacks, elevators, and steroids! They even retreat when they are out of ammo or low on health. You can also add them to online matches!
  • DMFlags system - You can now toggle a large array of gameplay-altering options in the Game Flags menu in multiplayer.
  • QoL Improvements - You can now chat and see status updates when you are in the menu without a map loaded in multiplayer.
  • Stability Improvements (Hopefully) - Desynchs should hopefully be less common now. Also, should crash less. At least... that's the hope here.
  • Security Improvements - The server doesn't trust the client nearly as much anymore, hopefully making it more difficult for people to end up screwing up the game for someone else.
  • New Fragbar - The old, screen-hogging fragbar has been made an option, and it now defaults to a nicer, more compact, cleaner one.
  • Cumulative .ART support - Just like in mainline EDuke32 does now, you can load multiple ART files together, allowing graphics-altering mods to more easily be chain-loaded.
  • Indexed Hightile Support - Should be compatible with the EDuke32 ERP now.

NetLauncher Features:

  • HTTP Download Support - If you're missing the mod the host has, you're given the option to download it from my server, if available. Peer-to-peer file transfer isn't supported. (Not sure if it will be, yet.)
  • Support for NetDuke32 Bots - You can tell NetDuke32 to fill the remaining slots of a match with bots now.
  • Auto-copy NetLaunch URL - You can hit backslash in a lobby to auto-copy your NetLaunch URL to clipboard for sending on Discord and such.