Commit 07eba992 authored by NY00123's avatar NY00123 Committed by Evan Ramos
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sw/src/copysect.cpp: Temporarily disable interpolation of sector object

if any of its sectors is impacted by CopySectorWalls. Fixes
a possible flicker with the drill at the end of level 2.
parent 3da461bd
......@@ -31,10 +31,13 @@ Prepared for public release: 03/28/2005 - Charlie Wiederhold, 3D Realms
#include "weapon.h"
#include "sprite.h"
#include "track.h"
#include "interpso.h"
void CopySectorWalls(short dest_sectnum, short src_sectnum)
short dest_wall_num, src_wall_num, start_wall;
SECTORp *sectp;
dest_wall_num = sector[dest_sectnum].wallptr;
src_wall_num = sector[src_sectnum].wallptr;
......@@ -80,6 +83,20 @@ void CopySectorWalls(short dest_sectnum, short src_sectnum)
src_wall_num = wall[src_wall_num].point2;
while (dest_wall_num != start_wall);
// TODO: Mapping a sector to the sector object to which it belongs is better
for (sop = SectorObject; sop < &SectorObject[MAX_SECTOR_OBJECTS]; sop++)
if (SO_EMPTY(sop))
for (sectp = sop->sectp; *sectp; sectp++)
if (*sectp - sector == dest_sectnum)
so_setinterpolationtics(sop, 0);
void CopySectorMatch(short match)
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