Commit 542dd0c6 authored by Dino Bollinger's avatar Dino Bollinger
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Duke3D: Fix RTS files not being loaded properly with addons menu

parent ed8a5d7b
......@@ -711,8 +711,9 @@ static int32_t Addon_PrepareUserAddon(const useraddon_t* addonPtr)
if (addonPtr->mrts_path)
Bstrncpy(ud.rtsname, addonPtr->mrts_path, MAXRTSNAME);
LOG_F(INFO, "Using RTS file: %s", ud.rtsname);
g_rtsNamePtr = dup_filename(addonPtr->mrts_path);
LOG_F(INFO, "Using RTS file: %s", g_rtsNamePtr);
return 0;
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